Dutch — Russian:
A Vocalic Communication System

2014 was a year of conflicts, complications and miscommunications. In the Netherlands we experienced that peace is not always guaranteed. Especially due to miscommunication and complications with Russia we started to realise how fragile and unfair the world can be.

2014 seems to have been one big miscommunication! Probably not that surprising as our culture, language and gestures are completely different. To avoid such a situation in the coming year, I created the Dutch — Russian vocalic system, to avoid miscommunication, to avoid conflicts, for a peaceful and bright 2015.

For the 298 deceased passengers of flight MH17
and everyone in the world who has to face war.

The project ‘Dutch — Russian: A Vocalic Communication System’ is an initiative of Geertje Debets. Deeply touched by the plane crash of flight MH17 in July 2014 and the turbulent global political circumstances during this year, she created a project to improve communication, to avoid similar situations in the future. With her poetic approach, she wants to inspire and stimulate improvement of communication between opponent countries.

Self-Initiative / PRINT Illustration Typography / 2014