NOMINATED for the European Design Awards 2015 / Dutch — Russian: A Vocalic Communication System

The project ‘Dutch – Russian A Vocalic Communication System’ has been dedicated to the 298 deceased passengers of flight MH17 and everyone in the world who has to face war. Deeply touched by this plane crash in July 2014 and the turbulent global political circumstances during last year, I created a project to inspire and stimulate the communication between Russia and the Netherlands. Hopefully helping to avoid similar situations in the future.

To communicate this I focused on the difference in script and language. The Dutch and Russian languages have a lot of similar sounds but a completely different script. For me this visualized the miscommunication: you hear the same sound but have a completely different image in mind.

To visualize this I cut out the letters of our Latin Alphabet, morphed them into the Cyrillic script and scanned them. From these images I created a flyer, a book and postcards, all for sale! Posters on request (Choose your favourite character, 50 x 70cm)!

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